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Properties and Applications
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Rilsan Coating Overview:

Rilsan powder A thermoplastic polyamide 11 powder derived from growth the castor tree in tropical countries, an environment-friendly raw materials "does not release toxins, volatiles or smell, a respective fields excellent physical properties and chemical resistanceunique powder.
      Rilsan coating: corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, low friction coefficient and high bending resistance, chemical resistance, low water absorption, resistance to cavitation, nontoxic, comply with the the direct drinking certification of EEC food contact grade, anti-graffiti.

Rilsan Fine Powders are used in different markets such as:

Fluids Industry: Water Treatment /Oil & Gas, Industry
Exterior Applications
Roller Industry
Healthcare Industry
Wire Goods

- Exceptional abrasion resistance
- Thermal and chemical resistance, including inertness to oils
- Flexibility and machining suitability
- Low friction coefficient
- Noise and vibration dampening
- Very good impact resistance

   Spline shafts
 Sliding door and seat rails
 Springs, brackets, clips and safety belt fasteners
 Battery housings
 Fuel and break lines
 Hand rails and safety equipment

- Anti-corrosion properties
- Smooth surface for optimum flow, low pressure loss
- Compliance with the most demanding specifications for contact with drinking water (US, Europe, Japan)
- Very good resistance to wear and cavitation
- Low moisture absorption
- Impact resistance
- Good UV resistance

   Pipes and fittings (drinking and waste water treatment plants)
 Valves, flanges, couplings
 Cross fittings, elbow joints, Y-joints

- Excellent stability at high temperatures
- Good UV resistance
- Excellent chemical resistance, especially hydrocarbon
- High impact resistance even at sub-zero temperatures
- Low moisture absorption
- Low coefficient of friction
- High abrasion resistance

   Injection Tubing
 Oil & gas production and test lines
 Gas & water injection lines
 Nitrogen & hydraulic lines
 Pumping stations

- Corrosion and cleaning agents resistance
- Warm touch and in a wide range of colours available
- Good UV and climate extremes resistance
- High impact resistance
- Durability
- Graffiti easy to remove
 Garden and park furniture
 Stadium seats
 Fence and banisters

- Exceptional resistance to wear
- Hardness designed for uniform pressure
- Smooth surface finish and low friction
- High resistance to inks and solvents
- Machining suitability, dimensional stability

   Printing rollers
 Rollers for textile, pharmaceutical and food industries

- Unique warm-to-touch and smooth surface
- Easy to clean, resistance to chemicals and sterilization (heat)
- Durability
- Corrosion resistance
- Limitation of bacterial growth with Rilsan® Active

   Hospital furniture (beds, wheelchairs, etc.)
 Ambulance stretchers
 Supports and bathroom equipment for disabled peoples toilets
 Medical coated instruments

- Very easy processing
- Excellent resistance to alkaline and chlorinated hot water
- Long-term abrasion and wear resistance - Impact resistance
- Food approval
- Thermal and staining resistance

   Dishwasher baskets
 Shopping trolleys
 Various cleaning trolleys

- Very easy processing
- Suitability for dyeing with colorants, aesthetic colour tones
- Electrical insulation and resistivity
- Adhesion and elasticity
- Tightening effect

 Undergarment :bra wire
 Electrical industry: adjustors, clips, binders, electrical boxes, etc.
 Construction: nails, self-locking screws, screw patch


Rilsan coating experimental data:
corrosion resistance.pdf


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