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  TA TANG is the pioneers in Teflon® coating
    Established in 1982 at Taipei, Taiwan and then branched to Bangkok, Thailand (1992), Wuxi, China (2002), with technical know-how and state-of-the-art

equipment, TA TANG has been specialized in Teflon® coating business for 30 years. TA TANG at Wuxi, China has been certified by ISO9001 since 2005 and qualified by ISO14001 in June of 2009. Providing high quality finished coating and superior customer service are our missions to TA TANG's customers...                                                                                     [more]
Nonstick Coating
Corrosion Resist Coating
Low coefficient of friction coating
Insulated Coating
Heat Resist Coating
Non-wetting Coating
Anti-Static Coating
Anti-flame Coating
Far Infrared (FIR) Coating
Anti-Graffiti Coating
    USA,   Dupont® Teflon®                 USA,  Whitford® Xylan®
    USA,   Everlube® Everslik®            USA,   3M® Dyneon®
    Japan,  Daikin® Polyflon®              Japan,  Okitsumo® navalon®
    France,  Arkema® Rilsan®             USA,   Solvay®  Solexis®

  More than 7 million pieces of bakeware coating experience:
        TA TANG is the first Teflon® coating company in China to work with Dupont® to develop PFA with superior nonstick property tailored to commercial baking industry. Wuxi TA TANG has processed more than 7 million

pieces of bake ware since 2002.
        The commercial bakery has been rely on the nonstick and heat resistance properties of fluoropolymer(Teflon®) to improve the production process and to provide good quality products for many years. According to field experience, different type of fluoropolymer(Teflon®) nonstick coating may provide from 1000 to 4000 times of release cycles. Our PTFE(Teflon®) two-coat nonstick system starts with 75 RMB per square meter.                                                                                             

☆  Rilsan Coating

Rilsan Coating a true thermoplastic polyamide 11 powder, derived from the major growing castor tree in tropical countries, an environment-friendly raw material, does not release toxins, volatile matter or odor, a respective fields excellentthe unique physical   
properties and chemical resistance powder....                             [more]  
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